An Excerpt for Mardi Gras

With today being Fat Tuesday, and with the Pope being forefront in the news, it seems like a perfect time to share this excerpt from Midlife Mouse. Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!

from Chapter Nine: “The Night of the Black Jubilee”

Bill had been out for nearly an hour on his watch. Closing the store had left his mind racing, trying to determine the course of his future. As much as he recognized that the store had put his planned career path on hold, he had come to depend upon the place. It was his refuge. At night, he would often sneak out of the house after Katherine was asleep and walk the seven blocks to the store. He would hole up in his workshop in the back of the store and noodle around with his latest pet project, whether that be experimenting with robotics or sculpting new float designs for the Mystic Krewe of Crabs. (Bill had been the chief float designer for the town’s first and oldest Mardi Gras parading society for more than a decade. His 2003 parade theme, “Scandals of Papacy,” nearly resulted in him being banned from both the town and all family functions. Since then, he had played it close to the vest, sticking to pop culture and mythology — the clean stuff, not all that nonsense with Zeus and his shenanigans.)

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