Another Great Review from One of Our Favorite Southern Bloggers

fivestarsWhat a great way to keep things moving here on MouseFirst Thursday – we just received a message from blogger Kathleen Everett of The Course of Our Seasons. She recently read Midlife Mouse and sent us a link to her awesome review.

Here’s an excerpt:

“There are a few authors whose books I’m not allowed to read in bed. Basically because I wake my poor husband up to read him hilarious passages, or my loud guffaws disturb his sleep. Bill Bryson, Fannie Flagg, Garrison Keillor – their books are all relegated to the den. And now I add one more: Wayne Franklin and his wonderful book, Midlife Mouse.”

You can read the whole thing here at Kathleen’s blog. Check out her other work while you’re there. Her combination of photography and poetry is always a heart and head-stimulating delight. She’s a classic, classy Southern lady through and through.

To experience the book for yourself, get Midlife Mouse for $1.99 on Kindle today!


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