Excerpt: One-Eyed Jack and All of His Trades

MM-Kindle-LI-artHere’s an excerpt from Chapter Eight that includes a shout-out to one of Wayne’s favorite subjects: bacon.

In the years that followed, Jack opened and closed the store no less than eight times, trying his hand at trades as varied as an after-hours day spa, a high-end unicycle shop, an organic junk food store, an Arctic-themed night spot with the unfortunate name Seal Club, a preschool boxing gym and a dry cleaner that specialized in whites only — and advertised itself as such.

After rebuilding from the opening day fire of the dry cleaner, he opened a Kosher market. That was followed, ironically enough, by Snooty McOinker’s All-Bacon Emporium. Each iteration he elaborately themed and decorated, sparing no expense to get every detail precisely right. Bill could never figure from whence the money came, but watching the perennial reinvention became a favored source of entertainment.

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