Five-Star Review of the Day: Doug Lewis

fivestarsToday’s 5-Star Review of the Day comes from Doug Lewis, who posted his review of Midlife Mouse on

Doug is a good example of the power of the story to resonate with people. He’s not a Disney fan, not from the South and didn’t know author Wayne Franklin prior to reading the book. He went into it “blind,” based upon a friend’s recommendation.

Here’s an excerpt of Doug’s clever review:

“After wading into first couple of chapters, I came to the conclusion that this story sucks … you in and doesn’t let you go. Without rehashing the plot, I’ll just say that it was fun to read, intricate but not complicated, charming, heartwarming, and written with a keen eye for subtle, dry humor. There were twists and surprises that were actually twisty and surprising – it made it fun and entertaining without making me feel cheap and manipulated.”

Check out Doug’s full review here.


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