Hiaasen, Vonnegut, Vonnegut, Vonnegut, Heller … Franklin?

6-in-satireSo far, all of your efforts on this MouseFirst Thursday have gotten Midlife Mouse up to #6 on the Kindle satire charts! How about a round of applause for yourselves?

Seriously, this is a big deal for a little, indie published book. Consider that Hiaasen’s newest novel is published by Random House and he has been all over the national media this week. The Vonnegut titles are, well … Vonnegut. AND they’re free via Amazon Prime lending. And then there’s Joseph Heller sitting at #5 with perhaps the greatest satirical novel of all time.

And coming in at #6 is little ol’ Midlife Mouse, the indie, debut novel backed only by a handful of bloggers and reviewers, and a small army of fans out there in the wide open wilderness of social media. There’s no name recognition for the author, no big publishing company with a formidable marketing budget, no national media. This accomplishment is thanks to all of you.

As you dig deeper into the rankings, you’ll see that Midlife Mouse is #28 for all Kindle humor titles. That category is one level up from satire and includes seven other subcategories. Go up one more level, and Midlife Mouse is #36 in all Humor & Entertainment.

One more ranking of note: Midlife Mouse is #10 in satire for all book formats. This means that instead of just holding the top rank, Hiaasen can hold the top three with three different formats of the same title.

We’re in awe and a little stunned by the reality of this … but we’re not done.

We won’t send the signal to the Amazon powers-that-be to end the $1.99 sale until around midnight. It’ll take a few more hours to change in their system. Keep going! Keep spreading the good word! And if you need more good word to spread, just come back here and snag a link to one of today’s posts.

Finally, thank you. None of this could happen without your help and support.


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