“It’s time to share this story with the world”

Midlife Mouse, the debut novel from filmmaker and blogger Wayne Franklin, will hit online bookstores March 2013.

“It’s time to share this story with the world,” Franklin says. “It lingered in my mind for several years before I finally committed a word to the page. Now it has been two more years since I wrote it. The time has come for everyone else to join me on this magical journey with the books’ characters.”

Billed as a must-read for “Disney fans, Southerners and dreamers of all ages,” Midlife Mouse is a magical Southern fantasy about family, midlife crisis and the quest for meaning. The book is set partially within an alternative version of Walt Disney World – one in which the entire Magic Kingdom was designed as an elaborate test for the fulfillment of a mysterious prophecy.

The book follows the misadventures of Bill Durmer, an under-achieving genius who loses his family business, blames himself for the near-death of his hometown and then suffers the mother of all midlife crises. In a hyper-caffeinated delusion fueled by a series of mysterious encounters, Bill decides his destiny lies at Walt Disney World. So he does what any mature adult would do: he runs away to the Happiest Place on Earth … and takes his nine-year-old daughter, Cleary, with him.

At Disney World, Bill finds himself the focus of a turf battle between factions of crazed Disney fans who believe him to be the fulfillment of prophecy. To find his destiny, Bill must contend with pirates and princesses, morticians and man-beasts, spacemen and psychos … and those are the good guys.

“I took my time in deciding what to do with the book,” Wayne notes. “It’s a changing world with regard to publishing. I could work my tail off for a year or more trying to find the right agent and the right publisher – no small task for a quirky little book like this one. Or I could take matters in to my own hands and embrace the new opportunities for self-publishing offered by online bookstores like Amazon and Apple’s iBooks. Maybe it’s my background in independent film shining through, but I chose the latter.”

Wayne’s newest film, the music documentary “Duke & The King” is currently on the film festival circuit and will likely be released commercially in 2013.

Wayne will also offer a limited print edition of Midlife Mouse, both signed and unsigned, provided there is enough interest. “There’s still something about holding a printed book in your hands,” he says.  “Plus, people who want signed copies tend to frown on me autographing the screens of their Kindles.”

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