Midlife Mouse hits online stores May 21!

unboxing-ARCsYesterday was an exciting day. The first batch of advance reader copies of Midlife Mouse arrived. For a first-time novelist (and first-time publisher), I had more than a little trepidation about opening the book. Overall, I’m really pleased with it as a product. There will be some changes before the book is available for public consumption – probably going with a 5×8 rather than 6×9 trim size for the paperback, a slight bump in point size for the main body typeface, adjustments to first-line indents, etc.

The other news of the week is that my old friend, Tammie Caton, has graciously agreed to come on board as publicist for the book. She’s optimistic about drumming up some media coverage for the project, given enough lead time. For that reason, we’ve chosen to push the publication date back to May 21. That will be just in time for the summer reading season.

Coincidentally, May 21 of this year also marks an interesting anniversary. It will be 85 years to the day since Walt Disney filed a trademark application for his new cartoon creation, Mickey Mouse. Mickey wouldn’t meet audiences for another six months. The Walt Disney Company  has claimed a number of different dates as Mickey’s “birthday,” but the one they never claim – May 21 – may be the most significant. Can you imagine the Disney company today without that trademark? MousePlanet explains the moving target that has been Mickey’s birthday over the years. Now, back to the book…

MidlifeMouse-hardcover-500pxA number of people have asked me about autographed hardcover editions. I’ll be setting up an online store this week to begin taking pre-orders for those. The limited first-edition hardcovers will be available on this site and through any book signings I do. Paperbacks and the Kindle edition will be available through Amazon. And you should be able to find electronic editions online at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Apple’s iBooks and others. I’ll post a complete list with links as we near publication.

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  1. Dale Watts says:

    Wayne, I looking forward to the release. After reading the first chapter quite some time ago, I have purposefully avoided the excerpts so as not to spoil the story. I want to be able to read from start to finish. I’m the type that doesn’t like TV/movie previews because they often give up too much of the story line.

    While it’s important how you get there, often it is fun not to know where you’re going.

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