New Five-Star Review from Jeffrey Lee!

fivestarsWe always love getting a new 5-star review of Midlife Mouse. Each one is like a little Christmas morning unto itself. You know by the five stars on the wrapping that it’s going to be good, but you have no idea what will be inside.

The latest 5-star review, posted by reader Jeffrey Lee on Amazon, did not disappoint. Jeff turned his focus to an aspect of the book that other reviewers have briefly mentioned, if at all: the weaving of real Walt Disney Company history with the book’s invented mythology.

“The real genius behind this story is the fictional underground World of Disney that Wayne has created for Bill’s journey. Wayne has done such extensive research on the REAL Disney franchise, both historical and current, that when he weaves in the fictional back story you are often not sure where the line has been drawn, which adds to the intrigue of the story and keeps you engaged from front to back.”

To read Jeff’s full review, head on over to Amazon. Buy yourself something pretty while you’re there. There’s a certain book we could recommend…

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