Thank you to everyone who took part in MouseFirst Thursday!

Our goal was to get Midlife Mouse to #1 in satire in the Kindle Store rankings. We didn’t quite get there, but look what we (and I mean YOU) did:

You pushed Midlife Mouse up to #5 on the Kindle satire charts! How about a round of applause for yourselves?

Seriously, this is a big deal for a little, indie published book. Consider that Hiaasen’s newest novel is published by Random House and he has been all over the national media this week. The Vonnegut titles are, well … Vonnegut. AND they’re free via Amazon Prime lending.

You even pushed the Mouse ahead of Joseph Heller sitting at #5 with the 50th anniversary edition of perhaps the greatest satirical novel of all time.

And sitting there at #5 is little ol’ Midlife Mouse, the indie, debut novel – backed only by a handful of bloggers and reviewers, and a small army of fans out there in the wide open wilderness of social media. There’s no name recognition for the author. No big publishing company with a formidable marketing budget. No national media. This accomplishment is thanks to all of you.

We’re in awe and a little stunned by the reality of this … but we’re not done. Watch out in the coming weeks for new Midlife Mouse products (signed paperbacks, anyone?) and for book readings and signings near you.

Finally, thank you. I wish I could thank you all in person, but honestly, I couldn’t even keep up with who all was sharing our information. It was that much of a group effort! None of this could happen without your help and support.



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