The Best of Midlife Mouse Reviews: Disney Details

fivestarsThere’s no getting around it. Midlife Mouse is awash in Disney geekdom. Reviewers have mentioned how much they enjoyed the interweaving of real Disney history with the book’s invented mythology. And they’ve said that, in reading the book, you can almost imagine you’re at Walt Disney World, walking right alongside Bill Durmer and the motley cast of characters.

Here are some samples of what reviewers, fellow Disney fans and Disney bloggers had to say:

 “The quirky characters and odd scenarios, all set in the backdrop of Walt Disney World, make for a fun read that any DisNerd should enjoy!”
-Leonard Kinsey, author, Our Kingdom of Dust

“I personally liked how Wayne wove in the very real Walt Disney World into the fantasy world of Bill Durmer, making you almost believe that this could all really happen.”
-Steve Burns,

“Mr. Franklin has written a fun, heartfelt novel that is sure to please anyone who considers themselves a Disney fan or a fan of good fiction.”
-Nicklaus Louis

“Wayne is a Disney geek of the highest order.”
-George Taylor, MiceChat

“This book is a fun read for anyone, but it’s an extra-special treat if you’re a Disney fan. Highly recommended!”
-Brad Randall, The World of Wombat

“For those of you who like a bit of fantasy thrown into Walt Disney World (and frankly, if you’re visiting the Parks, chances are, you do), you’ll enjoy the intricate web that Franklin weaves in the story.”
-Jeff Heimbuch, MiceChat

“If you are looking for something more in the fantasy realm, but still having some grounding in reality … with a Disney overlay, then you will enjoy this book.”

“Mr. Franklin has truly written a fictional story that Disney fans, especially history fans, will love”
-Between Disney

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