What They’re Saying About Midlife Mouse

fivestarsMidlife Mouse is resonating with readers and reviewers. While we know the numbers will no doubt change, the book currently enjoys 5-star ratings on both Goodreads and Amazon. Let’s take a moment to enjoy that.

Are you taking your moment? Good. Now, where were we? Oh, that’s right. Reviews.

Here are some select bits of early reviews:

“I truly adored this book. The concept is hilarious and brilliantly executed. Mr. Franklin’s dry wit is right on target. I can see how many readers of different genres will love this book.”
-The Eclectic Bookworm


“This novel is filled to the brim with charm and graceful humor. Mr. Franklin has written a fun, heartfelt novel that is sure to please anyone who considers themselves a Disney fan or a fan of good fiction.”
-Nicklaus Louis


“I don’t often do book reviews, but Midlife Mouse is worth an exception … This book is a fun read for anyone, but it’s an extra-special treat if you’re a Disney fan. Highly recommended!”
-Brad Randall, The World of Wombat


“It’s humorous, it’s sad, it’s cynical, it’s sweet. Give it a try.”
-Marie J. Post


“This book is part Big Fish, part Disney lore and all heart.”
-Kristen Heptinstall


Midlife Mouse is an interesting read. Wayne is a really good author with a fantastic command of the language. There are some cliff-hanger elements, which make it an enjoyable pool read.”
-George Taylor, MiceChat


“For those of you who like a bit of fantasy thrown into Walt Disney World (and frankly, if you’re visiting the Parks, chances are, you do), you’ll enjoy the intricate web that Franklin weaves in the story.”
-Jeff Heimbuch, MiceChat


“…in some strange way, the book gives a sense of hope, because we are hopeful that better things are ahead for us, too. Midlife Mouse is a great read if you like humor, Disney, mystery, or just a good story!”
-Steve Burns, Burnsland.com


“If you are looking for something more in the fantasy realm, but still having some grounding in reality … with a Disney overlay, then you will enjoy this book.”

“Mr. Franklin has truly written a fictional story that Disney fans, especially history fans, will love … a great summer reading choice.”
-Between Disney

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