Where to Find Midlife Mouse

9780988835917.PT01As Midlife Mouse gets out there into the great, wide world, we’ll keep a running list here of the outlets where you can find it.

If you wish to get Midlife Mouse into your local bookstore, contact us, and we’ll tell you how.


Wannabe Books e•store – for limited edition, signed, numbered hardcover copies and free eBooks!
Amazon – to save a few bucks and keep Wayne from writing in your book
•Barnes & Noble – also cheaper and free of Wayne’s scrawlings




Amazon – for your Kindle or Kindle app
•Barnes & Noble – Look, NOOK Book!
iTunes – for iBooks on your iPad, iPod or other Apple device
Sony Reader Store – for Sony Readers and apps
Kobo – ePubs for Kobo ereaders and others
Diesel eBook Store – ePubs
Smashwords – for the widest variety of formats

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