Why You Should Buy Midlife Mouse: You Love A Book for the Whole Family

MM-Kindle-LI-artWhen Wayne Franklin started writing Midlife Mouse, he wanted it to be something his then nine-year-old daughter could read. But at the same time, it was no kids’ book. Dealing with very grown-up issues like midlife crisis, failed businesses, disillusionment and broken dreams, the story was aimed squarely at adults. By presenting those issues in a light, humorous way – and never losing sight of the magic of the story – Wayne created something the tween and YA (young adult) crowd could embrace as well.

The innocence, whimsy and sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching study of the Durmer family dynamic have resonated with readers and reviewers. See what we mean:

“The love that Katherine feels for Bill is palpable. She wants to see him succeed and live his dream, and if that means sneaking off to live at Disney World in the middle of the night, then so be it.”
-The Eclectic Bookworm

“Franklin has created a loving, eccentric, true-to-life family in the Durmers, with all the day-to-day drama that family brings.”
-The Course of Our Seasons

“Another big plus for me is that this story is clean and promotes good morals without being preachy. I’m sick to death of reading books I can’t hand to my teenagers because of all the trash in them. Wayne uses intelligent and witty dialogue to move the story at a brisk pace without needing any crudeness to fluff up the plot.”
-Fairhope Supply Co.

“Although I am, in actuality, a midlife wife, I am, too, Bill Durmer. Bill, caught in the day-to-day doldrums of mid life, is remembering the fantasy of his young adult dreams and aspirations leading him to a wild adventure in Disney World.”
-Laura E. Sergeant

“Part of the charm of the book is that it takes us to somewhere we enjoy being, and it also makes us wonder if there is something more out there for all of us. In one way or another, all of us would like to be in Bill Durmer’s position.”

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