Why you should buy Midlife Mouse: You love a good book

fivestarsMidlife Mouse currently enjoys five-star ratings on both Amazon and Goodreads. And reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Here are some samples:

“The concept is hilarious and brilliantly executed. Mr. Franklin’s dry wit is right on target.”

“This novel is filled to the brim with charm and graceful humor.”

“This book is a fun read for anyone, but it’s an extra-special treat if you’re a Disney fan.”

“It’s humorous, it’s sad, it’s cynical, it’s sweet.”

“This book is part Big Fish, part Disney lore and all heart.”

“Midlife Mouse is a great read if you like humor, Disney, mystery, or just a good story!”

For whatever reason – the story, the characters, the settings, the humor – the book resonates with readers. If you’re one of them, let everyone know!

Remember, today’s the last day of our $1.99 sale. Buy it now and help push Midlife Mouse to #1 in satire!


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