Why You Should Buy Midlife Mouse: You Love A Good Summer Read

fivestarsWe keep hearing it over and over again: Midlife Mouse is the perfect summer read. Maybe that’s because it’s fast-paced with a rhythm that makes for a quick read. Maybe it’s because most of the book takes place in an alternate version of summer 2010. Maybe it’s because the words themselves smell like shea butter and coconut oil*.

Whatever it is, we keep hearing it from our readers and reviewers. Here’s a sample of what they’ve said:

“I highly, highly recommend Midlife Mouse and promise you it will be one of your most fun summer reading experiences ever!”
-Fairhope Supply Company

“This is a perfect summer selection for your vacation reading.”
-The Course of Our Seasons

“Wayne is a really good author with a fantastic command of the language. There are some cliff-hanger elements, which make it an enjoyable pool read.”
-George Taylor, MiceChat

“Definitely a good summer-time read …”
-Jeff Heimbuch, MiceChat

“This text is a great summer reading choice.  I could see carrying this to the beach, on the airplane or a comfy bench in a Disney park.”
-Between Disney

Remember, today’s the last day of our $1.99 sale. Buy it now and help push Midlife Mouse to #1 in satire!


*Words do not have scents**. If you experience olfactory hallucinations, you probably are suffering from phantosmia. Go see a doctor. Or a psychiatrist.
**Words printed by a mimeograph machine most certainly do have a scent. Inhale deeply and enjoy the nostalgia!

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