Why You Should Buy Midlife Mouse: You Love Humor

fivestarsThere’s a reason we’re shooting for a high ranking in Amazon’s Kindle category of satire: Midlife Mouse is funny. Its story takes a satirical look at midlife crisis, fandom and the Disney legacy.

Just in case you don’t believe us, check out what our readers and reviewers have to say (emphasis ours):

“It’s the hilarious story of a father who flees to Walt Disney World when his midlife crisis hits…”
-World of Wombat

“The book is … full of delicious irony and satire that is sure to leave you wanting more.”

“This novel is filled to the brim with charm and graceful humor.”
-Nicklaus Louis

“A great book! Fantasy, mystery, humor. Perfect for summer reading.”
-Steve Burns

“I can’t begin to even tell you what a funny, thoughtful, interesting and slightly twisted story Midlife Mouse tells.”
-Fairhope Supply Co.

“Franklin has filled his book with Southern charm, wry wit and wonderfully quirky characters.”
-The Course of Our Seasons

“The concept is hilarious and brilliantly executed. Mr. Franklin’s dry wit is right on target.”
-The Eclectic Bookworm

“One of my favorite aspects of the book is the humor found throughout the story. It starts right from the beginning, and it keeps on going from there … I thought it was hilarious at times.”

To find out what’s so funny, head over to our $1.99 sale. Buy it now and help push Midlife Mouse to #1 in satire!


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